Veterans Report For Training Camp On Friday; Media... We'll Get Back To You On That

The best-kept secret in San Francisco Bay Area sports, otherwise known as the San Jose Sharks training camp, kicks off in earnest this Friday when the veterans report.  No.  Honest.  Really.  It's true.  They'll be joining the rookies who have already started getting ready for the Pups or the Beep Beeps or junior, given how the roster is pretty much set.

While it's impossible to find fault with David Pollack's excellent coverage, the fact he's pretty much if not absolutely the lone wolf beat writer covering the team gets more than a mite irritating.  The franchise has been in existence since 1990 and playing since 1991, yet to look at the coverage (more specifically, the lack thereof) Los Tiburones receive in the Bay Area media you'd think they either just got here or are considered to be on the same level as the Stealth or Dragons.  If not lower.

While the 24/7 frenzy the Maple Leafs get would be way over the top -- how exactly can you have a television channel devoted solely to one team? -- it'd be nice to see road games covered by something than the canned stock AP story available to every news outlet.  Am I asking too much here?

Anyway, there was a nice story the other day on Jeff Friesen's effort to make the team.  I hope he makes it.  Given the right supporting cast to where he's not expected to be the top gun, I believe he can contribute to this team.

Back to... um, not reading the news about training camp.  Other than this one thought: rather than having rookie games in places like Las Vegas, how about having them at San Jose and giving all the season ticket holders a freebie?