VIDEO: Former Shark Dan Boyle rips New York Post columnists

Boyle is not particularly happy with these guys.

The Pittsburgh Penguins eliminated the New York Rangers, and former San Jose Sharks defender Dan Boyle, on Saturday. On Tuesday afternoon, during the annual locker room clean out, Boyle let loose on New York Post columnist Larry Brooks. Brooks has a reputation for...well, for not being liked very much. John Tortorella, who in fairness isn't exactly a cool-headed guy, particularly despised Brooks while in New York.

This article in particular may be the one that drew Boyle's ire. The defender also called out Brett Cyrgalis, who wrote this after Boyle was a healthy scratch in game five. It's the New York Post. This is what they do. I understand Boyle's frustration, but this kind of reaction is what guys like Brooks and Cyrgalis are looking for anyway.

Here's how the rant begins:

"Nobody likes you, nobody respects you. At least I'm leaving here with the respect of my teammates."

And you can see the rest here, thanks to CSN Bay Area. I would embed it, but I can't be the only one that absolutely despises their auto-play crap.

If this is it for Boyle, he certainly went out swinging. He hasn't officially announced his retirement yet, but it seems likely that'll be the direction he goes. Hopefully he'll retire as a Shark.