VIDEO: NHL Teams Through the Years

A visual look at NHL expansion, relocation, and logo changes set to Brass Bonanza.

One of the few good things about the offseason is that it allows writers to take a more macro approach to hockey. Rather than focusing on game results or the present-day team, we can look at wide swaths of time and make broader conclusions.

Or, as is the case here, we can spend time making videos about NHL logos.

Over the weekend, I created this short, 85 second video that goes through all of the logos and the teams in the history of the National Hockey League, from when the Montreal Canadiens first broke away from the National Hockey Association to the Anaheim Ducks deciding they prefer the D. As required when making hockey videos, I set it to the joyful Hartford Whalers theme "Brass Bonanza."

This video includes expansion, contraction, when the WHA merged with the NHL, and the hundreds of logo changes the teams went through. (Side note: in case you were wondering why the Bruins don’t have a bear in their logo, well…)