We're picking a new Sharks goal song. Yep, again.

So I guess everyone hated that last one.

Remember when we asked what you thought of the new goal song? You weren't fans! Apparently nondescript shouting is not the way you want to celebrate Sharks goals. Fair enough. So remember how we already asked what you wanted the Sharks goal song to be? Well, they didn't listen to you — yes you — the first time.

Now you've got a chance to change that. The Sharks have an online poll going with some...really interesting choices. There's also an option to write in your own song, though I imagine the response would have to be absolutely overwhelming for the team to select one entered that way.

The voting will go in a series of rounds, which you can see here. Note the fine print: Fan vote will be a factor but it will not be the only one. Click the above link to head over to the Sharks site to listen to all the selections and cast your vote.

You can also cast your vote here at Fear the Fin so we can take the temperature in the room, so to speak. Campaigning for your favorite nominee is encouraged.

What should the Sharks new goal song be?

Kick Start My Heart - Motley Crue254
Sharks Remix - LMFAO206
Jump Around - House of Pain229
Shout - Isley Brothers121
Ain't Talking About Love - Van Halen131
Dup Dup - Mickie Krause81
please god anything else556