Western Conference Gameday: An All-Star Open Thread



3:00 PST
Head Coach: Claude Julien Head Coach: Todd McLellan



If Boyle gets hooked on a breakaway and receives a penalty shot, you know what move is coming. Or at least I do. No Owen Nolan theatrics, just the same ol' move he's been doing for the last 106 days or so.

Here's the youtube video of the breakaway challenge from last night (some nice moves dispersed in there, but ultimately a yawn-fest).

Enjoy the tilt today, I may be around during game time to join in the open thread. If not, try not to miss me too much. Past experience says I'll be selling silverware door-to-door and digging up half eaten turkey sandwiches from behind Le Boulanger, but we'll see. Today might be the day I pull it all together.

Prediction: West wins 11-7. Goals by Iggy, Patty, Toews, Souray, et freaking cetera. I celebrate the fact that this is the one day during the season my prediction can look utterly insane, and yet probably be right on the money.

Go West.