Who is the Bay Area's Best GM?

As the NHL off-season progresses, fans begin to look at the caliber of their team's GM.

However, GM's from other Bay Area teams are also on the hot-seat. The MLB Trading deadline is today at 1:00 PM (PST); Brian Sabean (Giants) and Billy Beane (A's) have already made moves to change the look of their clubs. Sabean chose the present over the future, trading promising minor league pitchers Scott Barnes and Tim Alderson for Ryan Garko and Freddy Sanchez. Beane, on the other hand, traded star slugger Matt Holliday to the Cardinals for future star 3B Brett Wallace.

In addition, the NBA off-seasonis progressing in-line with the NHL's, and new Warriors GM Larry Riley has been more than active. After drafting Stephen Curry with the 7th pick in the draft, Riley (operating with the help [if that's what you call puppeteering] of head coach Don Nelson) traded away Jamal Crawford and and Marco Belinelli (NOOOO!).

Lastly, as NFL training camp begins, both Bay Area football GM's are in a rush to sign players. 49er GM Scot McCloughan is yet to sign1st round selection Michael Crabtree. Raider GM, owner, and zombie overlord Al Davis recently signed 1st round pick Darrius Heyward-Bey. Other off-season moves were made, and will be evaluated as the season progresses.

So, my question to you is this... who is the Bay Area's best GM?

Apologies to all the soccer, lacrosse, and indoor football fans out there. Only major sports for this one. In addition, we all know the best GM in the Bay Area is "Moore Buick Pontiac GMC and Truck", so don't go there.

Who is the Bay Area's best GM?

Billy Beane97
Al Davis11
Scot McCloughan13
Larry Riley7
Brian Sabean48
Doug Wilson294