Win my tickets for Friday night!

Live hockey returns to San Jose and you can be there without paying a cent (except for gas, wear-and-tear on your transportation of choice, and $7 per beer).

Let's face it -- the preseason isn't terribly exciting. However, it IS still real live hockey, which makes it 99.9% better than everything else out there (outside of the possibility of Grand Theft Auto V). So, if the idea of going to a game -- against Anaheim, no less -- sounds awesome, especially if those tickets are free, then I've got a deal for you.

You can win my preseason tickets (section 205, row 14, seats 7 and 8) for Friday's game against the Ducks on this comment thread. Here's how it works:

Post in the comments for this thread only with a Photoshop of what the Sharks did over the summer. It can be funny or serious, though funny will probably most likely win. Entries will be voted on by the number of Recs they get (though feel free to add Reply comments for kicks). The top three comments at the close of Wednesday night (11:59 PM PST) will be entered into a random draw for the tickets.

I will announce the winner on this post in the comments (not a new post to minimize the amount of space these shenanigans take up) early Wednesday THURSDAY morning. The winner must email me privately by clicking on my contact in the masthead, preferably ASAP on Thursday in case there's any ticket weirdness. I will email the ticket PDFs to you shortly after I get your email address, and then you can get ready to heckle Corey Perry until you bleed overpriced beer from your nose.

This is a highly untechnical and unsanctioned contest, but really, it's for preseason tickets. So while we're theoretically going by the honor system, there's no real enforcement if you get friends or family to add Recs. If you cheat, there's a good chance that you're going to go to Hell (or Reno, which is pretty much the same thing) without your supper, so please don't .

Post any questions about how this works in the comments, and if it's appropriate, I'll update the post with answers. Go Sharks!