Worcester Watch: It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Riiight...


4:05 PST

Series Tied 2-2
Stanley Cup of Chowder

[Note]: Make sure to visit the Worcester Sharks' webpage for all your Worcester needs. You can watch the game through AHL Live for $8.00 per game or $40.00 per round.

We recently commented on Worcester's defensive miscues, citing a need to improve defensively in order to make this series competitive. Either the Worcester Sharks read this blog, or the coaches saw the same things we did (TCY's ego goes with option one, TCY goes with... toss up). The AHL Sharks' defense came up huge against Providence in game four, earning a 2-2 series tie and a Thomas Greiss shutout in the process.

I'm actually starting to like this funky away-home-away-etc. playoff format. After Worcester grabbed momentum in Providence in game three, they were able to immediately use it to their advantage in game four at home. Now that the series is tied, it becomes a best-of-three that starts tonight in Providence.

Only one goal was scored in Saturday's contest (by Tom Cavanagh in the first period), but it proved to be enough to ensure a Worcester victory. The defense was amazing, and Greiss played out of his head yet again. Not only did Worcester survive a 5-3 in the second period, but they were also able to fend off a desperate Bruins team at the end of the game. The Bruins, down 25-13 in the shot clock with seven minutes left in the third, outshot the Sharks 12-2 in the final minutes but couldn't get past Greiss in the crease. (Or, Greiss in the criess, for you phonetics fanatics).

As much as I love the 1-0 win, only a few things made this game exciting.

  1. Greiss
  2. McGinn dropping the gloves
  3. The Announcers ("How's the ceiling look  Vladimir?")
  4. The relative wooziness incurred from the fumes while recaulking my shower during the first and second intermissions.

One goal won't be enough tonight against Providence. However, if the Sharks are able to eek out a win, they'll have two chances to close out the Bruins, with one coming at home on Wednesday.

Go Little Sharks!

Prediction: Sharks win 3-2 on goals by McLaren (Frazer), Couture, and Vesce. Rask throws something.