You'll still be able to watch Sharks-Kings documentary series if you don't have Epix

You don't even have to know what an Epix is.

By far the most common question we received after a report surfaced that the Sharks and Kings will be the subjects of a 24/7-style documentary series leading up to their Stadium Series matchup, even moreso than "how do we ensure Joe Thornton scores four goals in a game while the cameras are rolling?", was "what the hell is an Epix?" The answer is that it's a premium channel that you probably don't get on your cable or satellite package, but that's not important right now. What's important is that there will be other (legal) ways to watch the show.

Steve Lepore of Awful Announcing reports that NHL Digital platforms will make the as-of-yet-untitled series available to viewers across the United States as episodes will stream live on and the NHL's official app. They'll also be streamed on Epix's website and mobile service, to which you can sign up for free on a trial subscription basis. An interesting, though somewhat unrelated, tidbit about the series that emerged after we last posted about it came from Greg Wyshinski of Puck Daddy. Speaking on the Marek Vs. Wyshinski podcast, Wyshynski mentioned that the league's partnership with HBO ended in part because HBO was only interested in producing a 24/7 that focused on the Sharks and Kings, refusing to make a series leading up to the Capitals and Blackhawks' Winter Classic game. This is perhaps the first recorded instance of west coast bias affecting the NHL so savor it.