Young Stars Open Thread: Sharks @ Nucks



4:00 PST
  • I'm heading out on a plane before the game and won't be attending, but make sure to stream the game live at
  • I remember the year after the Sharks lost to the Anaheim Ducks in the playoffs there was a rookie game against Anaheim at Sharks Ice, and the crowd just tore into these 20 year old prospects who had never played in the NHL. This is only semi-related of course (I doubt the Sharks get booed mercilessly as Canucks fans aren't bitter over the Sharks), but it made me laugh to think back on how absurd that situation was, especially since Sharks Ice is small and intimate-- if you're booing a guy, he might be able to smell your breath.
  • Sena Acolatse and Konrad Abelthauser have been the best defenseman for the Sharks during the first two games. Acolatse is an extremely fluid skater who moves the puck well. Abelthauser is surprisingly mobile for a 6'5 215 pound defenseman, and after an average performance during the win over Calgary ended up as one of the better players during San Jose's loss to Winnipeg.
  • Michael Sgarbossa has been hands down the best forward out of the entire bunch. He reads the play extremely well, is extremely active off the puck, and has that "Hockey IQ" that so many scouts like to talk about. His line has been the best line on the ice every single night, in large part to him.
  • Heemskerk was phenomenal in game one for the Sharks but didn't have the same performance in game, giving up 3 goals in 15 shots. The plan was to have goaltenders go 1/2 games (at least that is what I was told), but game two saw Heemskerk play all 60 minutes. No word on who is in net tonight, but if I had to guess, I would say Sateri and Anderson split.
  • The Sharks have 49 players on their 50 man roster right now-- players who are sent down to Junior do not count against that of course. The organization has a lot of players on tryout contracts in Penticton, so depending on whether or not the player in question would go to Juniors or have to play in Worcester (in the case of a college graduate) is important.
  • If a player has to be moved to clear roster room, a name like Mike Moore does make some sense for the organization. At 26 years old (turning 27 this season), Moore is caught in the middle with the Sharks-- he won't be playing with the big club this season unless there are some injuries, and players like Nick Petrecki, Doherty, Abelthauser, Acolatse are all guys who are much younger and will be pushing for those spots on the blueline. Although Moore is the Captain in Worcester, giving him an opportunity to succeed somewhere else while clearing roster room makes sense to me.
  • Puck drops at 4:00 PM.