Game Thirty-Nine Preview: San Jose Sharks at Minnesota Wild

2nd in Pacific Division
4th in Western Conference
2nd in Northwest Division
5th in Western Conference

If the playoffs started today... the season would be shorter by a half.  And this would be Game Three of the first round.  But it's not.

For whatever the reason may be, the Wild which usually is a very good team matches up terribly against the Sharks.  San Jose has defeated them in each of the past four games against by a combined score of 12-3.  Granted, Minnesota is known more for their defense than offense, Marian Gaborik notwithstanding.  But when it comes to Los Tiburones de San José, the Wild turn into Care Bears who play like Tenderheart and leave Grumpy.

As to the Sharks, they're looking to sweep their current four-game road trip by winning tonight.  The only lineup and line change from the last game is reported to be Curtis Brown subbing for Rob Davison if the latter is too bumped and bruised to play.  Then again, this is a team coached by Ron Wilson, meaning all line combinations are subject to adjustment early and often.

So, here's hoping that for the fifth straight time we see