Thoughts That Keep Me Company When I'm Up Late At Night

  • I caught the end of the most recent Sharks-Predators game on the radio, thus entering the Jeremy Roenick Experience as he sat in with Dan Rusanowsky and Jamie Baker for the third period. It's too bad there's really no room for him in either San José's television or broadcast booth, as he's an excellent color commentator (imagine that, JR skilled at talking -- go figure, huh?). However, what was most enjoyable was how he and Baker fed off of each other's energy to where you were getting the aural equivalent of kids in a candy store discussing their favorite brands after having had one too many thereof. It reminded me of a game last year when Drew Remenda was in town for Hockey Night In Canada. He stopped by the radio pre-game show, and he and Baker started talking progressively faster and faster. Same full throttle enthusiasm. Rusanowsky didn't even bother trying to get a word in edgewise. What a concept -- broadcasters who actually have deep passion for the game they cover as opposed to doing whatever they think will get them the next plum gig that becomes available.
  • Over in NASCAR land, the hot topic this week is Mrs. Dude's favorite driver Tony Stewart's hot temper over the tire Goodyear brought to the most recent race, which had all the road gripping characteristics of a bowling ball rolled through oil. For some reason that reminds me: anyone heard anything lately about how the heated skates are working for anyone?
  • Noting the upcoming St. Patrick's Day-themed practice jersey auction: just once, don't you wish the team would wear something like that on a holiday for the actual game? A Santa hat on the logo come Christmas time, green instead of teal for St. Patrick's Day, bunny ears on the logo for Easter... can you imagine how many of those replica jerseys they could sell? Line out the door at the Sharks Store time.