[Open Thread] Game Twenty-Three: Los Angeles Kings at San Jose Sharks

5th in Pacific Division
15th in Western Conference
3rd in Pacific Division
10th in Western Conference

There are few sports clichés I loathe more than "if the playoffs were to start today..."  Well, they don't.  So clam up about it.

That said, there's no way to be happy with slightly more than a quarter of the season completed and the Sharks lallygagging about in "we can turn it on whenever we want to" land.  Um... sure.

At some point in time this team has to once and for all burn all its pre-season press clippings.  No one is afraid of them.  Why should they be, given how might nights San Jose plays at or below the level of its opponent?

On to tonight's game, a rematch of last Saturday's contest.  Have the Sharks figured out how to play like a professional team even after more than a day off?  I'll be there to find out in person.  If you're not going to the game, tune in.  Why should I be the only one?