A Brief Look At The Other QF Series

Before getting into the last Sharks-Flames tilt and looking ahead to this evening's joust, a quick glance at the other seven series going into play this morning:

Eastern Conference
Montreal leads Boston 2-0

Like what, anyone's surprised by this?

Washington leads Philadelphia 1-0

What a shock... Alexander Ovechkin scored the winning goal in Game One. The Flyers are up against it in this series.

Pittsburgh leads Ottawa 2-0

Again... surprise? Hardly. The Penguins are a machine while Ottawa is in serious need of a mental hospital.

New York Rangers lead New Jersey 2-0

Silly me, thinking Martin Brodeur would be the difference in this series. Forgot the zero support from the other guys in red and black rearing its ugly head.

Western Conference
Dallas leads Anaheim 2-0

This really surprises me. The Ducks are falling apart underneath Dallas' pressure.

Detroit leads Nashville 2-0

That the Red Wings are up in this series is hardly earthshaking. That's they've had to skate with a nine-on-five advantage to do it is. The officiating thus far has been very consistent: consistently dreadful, and consistently benefiting Detroit. Maybe the Predators can catch a break at home and make this one competitive.

Minnesota and Colorado tied 1-1

I'm sticking with my prediction that the Wild will win, but the Avalanche are going to make them work for it.