Catching Up On Things

Oops... sorry 'bout going MIA the past couple of days.

Anyway, Los Tiburones throughly outclassed Vancouver this past Thursday en route to a 5-2 win that wasn't as close as the final score indicates.  Everyone was absolutely on top of their game (except me, obviously).  Good stuff.

And then there was today against Dallas.  As the game wore on, it became apparent the Sharks very much missed their afternoon nap and decided to take it while still on the ice.  I don't recall ever seeing them start a game so strong and then gradually peter out like that.  Weird, and also disappointing in that this game was for first place in the division.  You kept waiting during the third period for someone to stop stumbling around in a fog and do something to wake the team up.  Didn't happen.  Where was the leadership when it was needed?

Little time to brood about it, which as this season has shown is a good thing given how San Jose can't stand a day off.  Down to Anaheim tomorrow for the first of three games in seven days against the Ducks.  More on that in the game preview... yes, I'll get it written this time.