To ask a man to recap tonight is akin to watching Mr. T punch your significant other in the face while you are getting teabagged by Gilbert Brown.

Stunned. Shocked. Numb. Disappointed that a season, a season that had so much promise, has been ripped away in a mere six games.

Congrats to the Anaheim Ducks and The Battle of California on the series win.

Thank you to all the readers who have followed us. Special thanks to Dave, Gray, Lurker, Ang, idunno, serrapadre, Marcello, mymclife, WillR, Nael M, and all of those who have been here all year (I'm sure I missed a few). Thank you to those who have ever commented here, and those who have thought about it but never signed up. We're going to need everyone this offseason.

This series will be recapped tomorrow. If you're expecting something more right now, go ahead and start your own blog.

Go Sharks.