Sharks Playoff Gameday: It Just Takes One



7:30 PST
Versucks, CSN-BA
98.5 KFOX,
Battle of California

One win, sixty minutes or otherwise, evens this series. What a beautiful day to be alive.

In terms of matchups tonight, it's completely reasonable to think that (even with the last change) Carlyle won't have a Herculean advantage when trying to nullify San Jose's surging first line. Big Joe & Co. saw the majority of their shifts against Getzlaf in game five, and although that has burned the Sharks before, it is entirely possible reuniting the reinvigorated first line will continue to pay off dividends.

I'm not sure if this is a trend, but it's interesting- both wins this series came after an "emotional" change to the team. Torrey Mitchell's return in game three brought a 4-3 victory, while a meeting between McLellan and his big guns prompted last night's win. While they don't have any opportunities left in that regard, having Carlyle question the validity of your game winning goal could be some decent bulletin board material. It's either that or call and see if Arturs Irbe would like to suit up for one last playoff run.

On another semi-related note that's probably more relevant anything we have written during the course of the playoffs thus far, line one will be forever known as the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS for short). We're going as far as that line can take us.

Bring it on back to San Jose boys.

Prediction: Sharks win 4-1. Goals by Boyle, Ehrhoff, Marleau, and Pavelski. All four of them are ripped through Hiller's five hole. Epic imagery there by the way. Enjoy it.

Go Sharks.