Brent Burns named to All-Star squad

Those jerseys still won't be the ugliest thing that Burns has worn this year

Brent Burns has received the distinct honor of playing in the NHL All-Star Game which, in case you had forgotten, is being played in the lovely confines of Columbus, OH on Jan. 25.

Burns is the only Sharks representative at the game, meaning Joe Pavelski will not be participating. You can call this a snub if you care enough about the All-Star Game to bother. More power to you.

The defenseman-that-should-be-playing-offense made the team while clearly-the-better-defenseman P.K. Subban will have to watch from home, or more likely not watch at all. This is presumably the doing of Carey Price and the NHL's parity-focused rule that requires every team have at least one representitive at the game we had all done just fine without the past two years.

But I digress. Burns is a fun, exciting player and the All-Star Game should be both of those things in a perfect universe. You can watch this game in our regular, imperfect universe on NBCSN at 2 p.m. PST>