Crowning a champion in Fear the Fin’s 2016 Bracket Challenge

With the pain of Sunday night now a mere constant pang in the base of my ribs, we can finally unveil the winner of the 2016 Fear the Fin Bracket Challenge. I’ll go through the staff picks of the Stanley Cup Final (insert crying emoji here) and post the final leaderboard before getting into the reader picks.

So, here were our Stanley Cup Final picks:

Yeah... yeah. Dylan’s traitorous pick of the damn Penguins makes him the staff winner, so...hooray. Good job.

Now let’s see how everyone else did. All these picks were made, obviously, before the beginning of the playoffs. I’ll post the leaderboard with the top 10 and then the bracket of our first place entrant. So let's start with the winner, T-Mineral!

T-Mineral missed only three picks in the entire postseason and correctly predicted the Stanley Cup Final matchup and result. They also came one goal away from correctly predicting the number of goals scored in the Final (27). Now let’s look at the top 10.

Picking the correct Cup winner certainly helps your chances of winning, as it turns out. So that’s it, no more bad picks from Fear the Fin until the beginning of next season.