Fear the Fantasy 2014

Yeah, I am using similar word-play in the title again this year. It's called recycling! We're in a drought!

The hockey season is right around the corner, and it couldn't come soon enough! After a long summer with off-ice disappointments at seemingly every turn, it's nice to have on-ice disappointments to look forward to!

I'm kidding, of course. There's plenty of good things to look forward. And at the top of that list is seeing a full season from this guy:

I'm sure he's going to be a hot commodity in the fantasy draft room.

The leagues are going to be run pretty similarly this year. Each league will have 20 teams facing off in head-to-head match-ups. But we're going to try switching up the scoring categories a bit this year - no +/- & no PIM. This is Fear The Fin, after all. Just too bad Yahoo doesn't track Corsi...

In other changes: thanks to someone attempting an unfair trade at the deadline last season, I'll be stepping in as commissioner of all the leagues to accept or reject trades and throw my power around anywhere else so I can feel like a big man. As your new Glorious Leader, I will be a benevolent ruler, but will rule you with an Iron Fist (that's what that phrase means, right?).

The cool part about that is we can set up a little more continuity from year to year. I'm thinking of setting up an official promotion system into the invitational leagues, and maybe instituting keepers. But we'll cross those bridges when we come to them.

Now, let's get to the leagues!

FTF Invitational - Full
(Invite only) (If you win a lower league, you'll earn an invite.)

FTF 2:  Bettman vs Shanahan: Dawn of Justice - Full
Note: Next year, this will be an Invitational only too, for the best teams of the other leagues.

FTF 3: Martin Havlat Memorial Hockey League - Full

FTF 4: Sharknado 2 - Full


FTF 5: Ice Girls & Enforcers - Full


FTF 6: Lurkers & People I Wronged - Full


FTF 7: Hella Stragglers

Click on the league name to join. Please only join one league. And if a league fills up, leave a comment. Once we fill all the leagues, I'll open up more.

Have fun!