Future of Fear the Fin

We’re not done just yet

Hello Fear the Fin fans!

If you saw the recent Timo Meier post, then you know that Fear the Fin is back!

When Vox decided to shut down sites like Fear the Fin, it happened in a whirlwind. It took many of us by surprise and obviously left a lot of questions unanswered.

We knew that Vox would not support the sites, but we did not know what would happen to the sites themselves. Would they be sold? Would they fade away into oblivion? Would they survive beyond April 1?

We can now provide some of the answers.

Vox has agreed to give us the intellectual property connected to Fear the Fin. That means you will still be able to find us at FearTheFin.com!

From now through the end of the season, we will work to provide you with a forum to discuss all things Sharks. We will post as much as we can, especially on game days.

Be aware that this may be bare bones. We’re busy getting ready to transition the website to an independent one and putting in the structure for next season. You may not hear much from us in the offseason but we’ll try to cover the NHL draft and free agency.

Moving forward, Fear the Fin will endeavor to return this site to what it was when we first discovered it many, many years ago. This will be a community forum, first and foremost. The goal is to create a safe space where you can gather with fellow Sharks fans and talk about your favorite team. We will provide news and insight into what’s happening on and off the ice.

This, of course, comes with a cost to keep the lights on. While the goal is to continue to provide a free forum for all Sharks fans, we may eventually implement a subscription-based model for some of our other work and we may do some other things to help raise funds.

Currently, we’re working on a shoestring budget. The bells and whistles will come later.

Our main goal is to go back to our roots and offer a quality site where fans can interact with one another and share the love of all things Sharks!

We hope that we will serve you well!