Friday Chum Bucket: Sharks players mull over options as lockout looms

  • A work stoppage is all but official at this point as some Sharks players begin to contemplate what their options are for playing professional hockey while the NHL is locked out. Dan Boyle, who played in Stockholm during the 2004-05 lockout, will be staying home. Joe Thornton isn't tipping his hand as to whether or not a reunion with Rick Nash in Switzerland is on the horizon. [Working the Corners]
  • At the other end of the age spectrum, two of the youngest Sharks in Justin Braun and T.J. Galiardi appear to be leaning towards going on a Eurotrip until the NHL finally opens its season. [CSN Bay Area]
  • Throwback Thursday's look back at the Sharks' 2010-11 season: in which we're informed Bristol Palin appeared on Dancing With the Stars. Fuck, hockey can't get here soon enough. [San Jose Sharks]
  • Shane Doan has narrowed down his list to Phoenix and Vancouver and will reportedly sign a deal before 2PM today. This deadline is more important than all the other self-imposed ones he's missed because of reasons. [Canucks Army]
  • It's hardly relevant anymore as we march toward an inevitable lockout but James Mirtle did some fantastic work in laying out in detail the proposals exchanged between the NHL and PA on Wednesday. [The Globe & Mail]
  • Any time DGB and Bloge Salming team up on a video, the results are almost always hilarious (remember "Ron Wilson sings Reimer"?) and their latest production is no exception, satirizing a topic we could all use a good laugh at the expense of right now. [Down Goes Brown]