FTF Podcast: The One We Recorded After Game Six

In the thirteenth edition of the FTF Podcast Jason Plank and Matt Taylor break down the San Jose Sharks game six performance against the Detroit Red Wings, analyze the series as a whole, look at what can be tweaked for the upcoming game seven matchup, and attempt to wrap their heads around the fact that this series is now tied at three apiece.

Furthermore, Antti Niemi is given the praise he deserves after his godlike performance last night. Perhaps the most unfortunate part of the game six loss is the fact that his prominent displays of athleticism and ability will be lost on most Sharks fans-- it may be the best performance by a goaltender in Sharks history when one considers the help he got up front, and while we don't make this point during the podcast, it should be noted that he has clearly given his team a chance to win no matter the barrage of shots he faces.

It's not quite the party faithful listeners are accustomed to hearing when the two get together, but you can still hear the bromance running strong underneath it all.

Gear up for game seven folks. It's going to be a doozy.