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For Fans Sports Network: Fear The Fin is proud to join For Hockey Fans

Hi friends,

As we get into the Sharks season, there’s going to be a lot posted on this website about the Sharks. But every now and then we get to celebrate a site win and this is one of them.

As you may have noticed, we have a lot of familiar faces writing for Fear the Fin again, including Timur Katsnelson, Lakshya Jain and Maddie Dutra. We’ve also added a new writer, Tyler Castillo. All of them are long-time Sharks fans excited to write about the team that they love. Please make them feel as welcome as you have made me feel over these past few months.

Additionally, you’ll have noticed some site changes. Our front page looks different. There’s a new merchandise shop. What’s more, you may have noticed that Fan Posts have returned. All of this is leading up to that “something amazing” I mentioned in the headlines.

I am very excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with some of the other sites jettisoned by the former organization who will not be named to create a unified force of our own. As of today, Fear the Fin has joined For Hockey Fans!

What is For Hockey Fans?

For Hockey Fans is the first vertical launch of the For Fans Sports Network, a media company created to provide fans with the content they want about their favorite teams and sports. We are so happy to be going on this journey together with some really amazing people we’ve worked with before and are excited to be bringing you this news today.

What does this mean for you as a reader?

Well, in terms of what you receive from Fear the Fin, only good things. We will still endeavor to provide the best coverage of the San Jose Sharks. We will continue to look for ways to bring you the content you crave and tell entertaining stories by people who are as passionate about the Sharks as you are.

But we’re also raising the bar. Now, you have a one-stop shop to find out what’s going on around the league. On the For Fans Network site you’ll find links to 32 sites covering all 32 of the NHL teams. Anaheim Calling, Jewels from the Crown, Knights on Ice (F*** Vegas). They’re all there.

In reality, what we’re doing is bringing the band back together and adding a few new players. Stephanie Driver, the Founder of For Fans Sports Network can probably say it better than I can.

“What happened to hockey coverage in January left a void that could not be filled by just anybody,” Driver said. “The sites that were de-platformed from SB Nation had a decade of history, relationships, and personality that is impossible to replicate. It was inconceivable to let that die. We are thrilled to introduce the For Hockey Fans network with the brands that have been historically trusted to have the fan’s perspective in mind for not only the NHL but for women’s hockey as well.”

Your login will work across all sites. So there’s nothing new that you have to do. While you will have to log into each site individually the first time, the same username and password that you’ve used here on Fear the Fin works there, too. Once you complete that initial login, you should be all set.


Friends, we appreciate the support you showed our site when we had to find a new home and the patience you have shown even more recently as we took steps to get ready for today before we could publicly say what it is that we were doing.

I’m very excited about what this will mean for Fear the Fin now and in the future. My goal with this site is to share the love of hockey with as many people as possible. I think this partnership will do that and I hope that you agree.

With that said, we would greatly appreciate you visiting the network’s homepage and familiarizing yourself with the sites that will be covering hockey this year. Share this news with your friends, and let them know what we are doing if they aren’t already in the loop.

Here’s to an amazing 2023-24 hockey season and beyond, and thank you again for everything!


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