FTF's "Night at the Tank" - Tickets Ordered, Venue Chosen, Fun Guaranteed

I didn't think this was going to come together so quickly, and so well. I honestly thought I would be saddled with debt from you losers, looking at 46 tickets to a game right after Christmas while living in a cardboard box.

While I may still be living in a box come December (no guarantees), I won't be going to this game alone. 46 FTF peeps will be celebrating Boxing Day together by watching the Sharks pwn the Ducks. Magical.

The party starts early, as Plank and myself will head over to Firehouse #1 Bar and Grill at about 4:30 PM. I gotta give mad props to Firehouse, because they'll be sponsoring our event with drink specials ($3 drafts, $3.50 wells), food specials ($3 appetizers), and a sound system to do an FTF raffle (prizes will be discussed later, but will probably include some FTF gear, some swag from the bar, and possibly some original FTF artwork). Doesn't stop there, though... we'll probably be rolling back afterwards for some post game spirits. Even if you didn't get tickets through us, you are welcome to attend the FTF Party at the Firehouse. If you're not 21, I think you will be allowed in before, but not after, the game.

In addition, some of the FTF veterans have agreed to sponsor commemorative buttons (pretty much this one, with a unique design to show that it was from this event). If you are an FTF veteran (Lurker and Ang have already agreed) and would like to help with the cost, let me know. We hope to give them out at the event. We're still looking for a design too, and we're opening that up to all readers. Let us know if you have an idea.

For all of y'all waiting for your tickets, they will be coming to the addresses you provided me with once I get them (could still be a few weeks). If you don't want them mailed, you can 1) Pick them up from me 2) Get them before the game.

I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait.