Gameday Thread: San Jose Sharks looking for a goal as they enter the third period trailing 1-0

The top line has put on an absolute show tonight for the San Jose Sharks. They've carried the play in just about every way possible, generating oodles and oodles of offensive zone time and scoring opportunities off the stick of Joe Pavelski and Logan Couture.

Equally good has been Blues goaltender Brian Elliot however, whose 16 saves thus far have kept his team in the lead heading into the second intermission.

You get the feeling that St. Louis is beginning to bend, but it's going to be up to San Jose to get him to break-- despite carrying the play for much of this game at even strength outside of the first 8 minutes or so of the game, San Jose has only managed to total 16 shots on net.

Credit St. Louis for getting into shooting lanes high in the zone-- they've held San Jose's blueline without a single shot thus far and turned the Sharks offensive attack into a one-dimensional monster that is forced to attack down low.

Thankfully for the Sharks the top line looks ready to break open at any moment. They'd be well-suited to do it in the third period, because a loss tonight would be devastating.

Twenty minutes to get things back on track.