Hertl named first star of the week in NHL, already first star in our hearts

Tomas Hertl was named the first star of the week by the NHL which is news to anyone who did not watch the first week and change of the National Hockey League.

Tomas Hertl has been named the NHL first star of the week after scoring seven goals and eight points in his first five games in the league. Hertl was named the first star in his second and third games and was the third star in his first ever NHL game.

Quick, someone ask Adam Oates what he thinks of this news!

Don Cherry had this to say:*

"As bad for the game as Hertl is, it really seems like the NHL is now ENCOURAGING poor sportsmanship. This will surely trickle down to the youth game where you'll see kids running up the score and performing trick play after trick play in order to humiliate the opposing team.

Some say he doesn't know the code because he has only lived in the United States for six months -- I say it's up to him to EDUCATE himself about the rules and customs of this great game of ours."

After sitting out the entire third period on Saturday (later ruled a precautionary measure) I can't wait to see what the kid is going to do next. He doesn't need to average 1.4 goals a game the rest of the season for him to pull his weight on this team, but it couldn't hurt, eh?

As a parting gift, here's a picture of Not-So-Teenage Mutant Ninja Hertl from the Twitter account of a fellow Czech. Enjoy.

*Well, he THOUGHT it anyway.