Joe Thornton scores power-play goal against Bruins

Watching Jumbo score on Boston will never get old.

Joe Thornton has been a Shark for 10 years. It's hard to remember a time when he played for the Bruins, baby-faced and disliked because Boston will find a way to hate everyone and everything you love. The Boston media's unsavory tradition of burning down bridges when players leaves town makes it especially sweet when those players come back to bite the Bruins.

While the wounds have (mostly) healed (probably) in regards to Thornton, it'll always be fun watching him light the lamp against his old team. Not only was tonight's goal a big one in terms of the score (putting the Sharks up 5-3) it also got San Jose its second power-play goal of the night. Yep, the percentages are starting to move on up for the Sharks on the man-advantage.

Here's the Sharks' fifth goal of the game, following some nifty passing and a blast from in between the dots from Jumbo Joe himself. I'm sorry you have to watch it on the NESN broadcast.