Logan Couture skating again

It's been five weeks since he was injured during practice.

Friend of the blog Kevin Kurz brings good news on the injury front. Logan Couture skated this morning, now several weeks removed from the practice accident that led to his long spell on the Injured Reserve list.

"That was the first day of skating pretty good, just doing some conditioning," Couture said. "It’s cliché, but it’s day-by-day. [If] it reacts well we go a step further. I couldn’t tell you what the plan is for tomorrow yet."

Sharks assistant coach Steve Spott said: "It’s a real positive for us. It’s nice to see him back on skates and it’s nice to see he’s got his gear back on. He’s taking part in meetings now with the team, and hopefully it’s sooner than later. It’s definitely a nice shot of adrenaline for us."

We're probably still a couple of weeks removed from Couture getting back on the ice during a game, but it's nice to finally get some good news about the indispensable Sharks forward.