Logan Couture's Twitter feed cited in NHL lawsuit

Anything you tweet can and will be used against you.

Logan Couture's presence on social networking website Twitter has brought us all joy at some point. From the details of his epic (b)romance with Jamie McGinn to his abusive relationship with the Buffalo Bills to the now-legendary exploits of his younger brother Judson, there's something in Couture's feed for everyone.

Including the NHL and its lawyers, apparently. On page 27 of its 43-page class action lawsuit against the NHLPA filed yesterday in New York, the league cited the following tweet as evidence of PA membership fully supporting their union:


Along with similar messages posted by Matt Carle and Scottie Upshall, the league used Couture's tweet to support their claim that the NHLPA's plan to decertify has nothing to do with the union no longer suitably representing its constituency and is being pursued solely as a negotiating ploy. The argument has merit if viewed in a vacuum but there's just as much evidence the NHL's obstinance and refusal to bargain in good faith necessitated such a move by the PA. At any rate, we'll probably find out how a court sees it soon enough. Or hopefully not if threat of litigation on both sides results in an agreement being signed.

On the whole, Couture is probably grateful it's this tweet that could be read aloud in a court of law and not a certain other one.