Lyrics to Real Fans of Genius


Fear The Fin Presents, Real Fans of Genius (Real fans of genius)

Today we salute you Mr. Fear The Fin dedicated reader guy (Mr. Fear The Fin dedicated reader guy)

You've given us your precious time, time that is probably better spent

Expanding your POG collection or dealing with, ya know, real life issues (Those adult diapers gotta go)

Pushing your loved ones to their limits, you waddle online and welcome the computer tan with open arms

Circumventing any contact with the sun (Oh how it burns)

If there's a fanshot, you'll shoot it. If there's a fanpost, you'll post it

And if there's a debate on the Sharks, by God you'll debate it (No heart no grit!)

So refresh that browser one more time Fear The Fin readers

The playoffs are just around the corner

And there's no one on Al Gore we'd rather hit "z" with than you

(Dedicated Fear The Fin reader guy)

Fear The Fin dot com, San Jose, California