Mikkel Boedker had to sign a revised deal with the Sharks

Cap shenanigans are afoot.

So remember when we said Mikkel Boedker signed a four year deal with the Sharks worth $16 million dollars over four years? Well, that's still technically true, but some cap shenanigans have now changed how much Boedker will actually receive in each of those four years. Let's start with the tweet that started this from the always wonderful General Fanager.

To explain further: The first year of Boedker's original deal was worth $5 million. That means that a year-to-year drop of no more than $1.75 million can occur throughout the life of the contract. In the original deal, Boedker's pay dropped $2 million (40 percent). As such, the league rejected the deal and now the two sides have come to terms on a new deal.

So the new deal means that Boedker's salary does not at any point break the 35 percent rule. His year two to year three drop is now 34.6 percent, just barely sneaking under the threshold. This doesn't change the AAV of the deal and other than being a relatively interesting note on the salary cap is, well, unimportant.

I hope you love some good cap talk as much as I do.