Monday Chum Bucket: Coach Clowe talks to ESPN

  • Scott Burnside interviews San Francisco Bulls assistant coach Ryane Clowe, with whom behind the bench the Bulls have gone 5-1. [ESPN]
  • Pittsburgh's Ron Burkle, Tampa Bay's Jeff Vinik, Winnipeg's Mark Chipman, Calgary's Murray Edwards, Toronto's Larry Tanenbaum and Boston's very own Grinch that stole hockey Jeremy Jacobs will be representing their respective clubs' ownership groups at a meeting tomorrow between the league and players' association that Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr are barred from attending. This meeting is in no way a public relations stunt deployed by a league that has no intention of accepting a lesser offer than their last one and will certainly lead to substantive discussions and progress towards a new CBA. [Puck Daddy]
  • In happier news, Meg recaps the epic seven-game 2011 playoff series between the Sharks and Red Wings. [BoC]
  • A study by the Hockey Concussion Education Project revealed a significant underreporting of concussions in the NHL. [The Globe & Mail]
  • If we do end up with a 48-game season, it seems almost certain that the schedule won't involve interconference play. Matthew Coller looks at how teams would have fared last season if they had only faced conference opponents. The Sharks are the only team that made the playoffs last year that would have missed them under that schedule. [Hockey Prospectus]