Monday Chum Bucket: Two-week break lasts four days as league, PA scheduled to meet tonight

  • After Gary Bettman proposed a two-week moratorium on CBA talks last Thursday, hope for an end to the lockout seemed dead in the water. Fortunately, Bettman's declaration appears to have had as much substance as some of his previous ultimatums like "when the clock strikes midnight, our offer or anything better comes off the table!" or "the Thrashers aren't leaving Atlanta on my watch!" The two sides are reportedly meeting tonight with Bettman and Donald Fehr at the negotiating table. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Of course, there's more than just core economic issues at stake during these talks (although the sides are far from even coming to a settlement on that). Players' contract rights have been a topic of dispute over the past week or so with owners wanting to cap contract length at five years, institute two-year entry level contracts and extend UFA requirements to eight accrued seasons. Patrick Marleau says the league's demands will hurt GMs, although Flyers and Canucks fans might contend these restrictions would save general managers from themselves. [CSN Bay Area]
  • Dan Boyle, meanwhile, thinks this charade has gone on long enough and the lockout may have already caused irreparable damage to the league's credibility and fanbase. [CSN Bay Area]
  • Want to read over 2100 words about how much better the Sharks were on the power play than the Oilers from 2008 through 2012? Of course you do. [mc79hockey]
  • This is awesome: Jamie Baker recounts his time playing with and against Joe Sakic, Mats Sundin, Pavel Bure and Adam Oates, all of whom were inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame last week. [San Jose Sharks]
  • Justin Bowers scored with one second remaining in the third period last night to tie the Bulls with Utah, eventually sending them to a shootout that they won. [SF Bulls]
  • Speaking of the Bulls, here's a feature CBS did on the team including Ryane Clowe in assistant coach mode and highlights of Devin Setoguchi's two goals last week: