My Sharks History: An Invitation

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With almost a full week off from Sharks hockey due to the All-Star Game, now is the perfect time to jump start FTF's diabolical plan for interwebs domination.

I'm sure you all are extremely intrigu..... wait, really? Geez. At least pretend like it then frien- whoah, whoah, whoah! No need to start spewing those kinds of vile words out. You know you sound like a pompous brat when you say things like that. No, you really do. Seriously. Cut to the chase eh? Fine, I will. But you're going to have the make the jump then.


So where was I? Ah yes. Global internet domination.

Well, maybe I was a bit presumptuous. The current economic crunch has me looking for any way possible to take over this country and start dealing out ice-cream sandwiches to everyone instead of bailing out banks and businesses left and right. Damn those things are delicious. In fact I would lather them on my.......while I.......with a manta ray and spaghetti sauce.......hello? Damn mic is cutting out again. Let's get to the point.

Here's the deal- Fear The Fin (don't you love unnecessary linkage?) has been picking up a fairly active community this season, and now is a good time to add another gun into our kickin' sidebar. Gameday Threads, Wrap-Ups, Sharks News, Greatest Sharks? I'm hitting the snooze button because that's not nearly enough to get me up in the morning. This, however, should make a productive citizen out of me.

What we're asking is for you, the lifeblood of this cult community, to chime in through the Fanpost function by writing an article about your Sharks history. The first game you attended, the moment you became a hockey fan, a remarkable goal in the playoffs, what you were doing when you heard about the Joe Thornton trade, that night when your drunk aunt punched the daylights out of a Red Wings fan after a bitter loss- anything is fair game, anything is legal (even if it wasn't legal at the time) and most importantly, anything will be saved for posterity in the aforementioned sidebar.

We'd like to keep things as specific as possible, but if you feel inclined to write a novel about your entire career as a Sharks fan, go right ahead. Everyone has a story to tell. For example:

* How the hell did Dave Valentine end up being a Sharks fan all the way in South Carolina?

* Did the ladies from Couch Tarts pick up hockey just so they could draw us pretty pictures?

* Is SwisherThresher's profile picture a homage to Bay Area Hockey's beginnings, or did he have season tickets at the County Coliseum?

* With users like JonHaven joining the fanbase because of a specific player, is there anyone else in the same boat?

* Why were you holed up in your bedroom sniffing glue when Owen Nolan called his shot in the '97 ASG?

The opportunities are endless, the sky is the limit (well, roofs considering you're probably reading this pantless in front of your computer). So work those phalanges and head over to the Fanpost section. Click on "Create Fanpost", write your article, title it "My Sharks History" and give everyone a taste of what made you the Sharks fan you are today.

We're looking forward to hearing your story.

Go Sharks.