My Sharks History: Serrapadre716

[Editor's Note]: This is the second in a series of user-submitted articles to Fear The Fin, detailing readers personal history following the San Jose Sharks. For archiving purposes this account has been republished. It was originally authored by serrapadre716 on January 22, 2009; the initial Fanpost can be found here.


[Image Courtesy of CT Gray]

Don't worry, since I'm only 15, this won't take very long.

I became a Sharks fan the year the were eliminated by the Oilers in the playoffs a few years back. I am the first Sharks fan in my family and I managed to brainwash rub off on my dad a little bit. I have no clue how I became a Sharks fan, it just happened and so far I'm not regretting it. But like I commented on someone's post (I can't remember who's), I've never been to a Sharks game.

When I heard about Joe Thornton trade I was at Jersey Joe's in San Carlos or Belmont, I forget where it is. I was taking a bite out of a sweet pepper steak when I saw it on one of the tv's inside. With me being new to hockey that year, I had no idea who he was. Yea yea, I know I should slap myself for saying that. But if it makes you guys/gals feel better the sweet pepper steak was tasty.

And my most remarkable/rememberable goal is Joe Pavelski's goal in Game 5 of the Western Conference Semifinals. I know it's not that long ago, but hey, this is only my 4th year being a Sharks fan. So that's just about everything.