Nathan Pavelski is the MVP of the 2016 NHL Skills Competition

Joe Pavelski's son had an incredible day.

Joe Pavelski is a great hockey player, there's no doubt, but on Saturday the All-Star center took a backseat to a Pavelski that's nearly as talented and 100 percent cuter. I'm talking about Nathan Pavelski, of course, the five-year-old son of Little Joe.

By now you're (probably) well aware of Extra Little Joe's exploits in the breakaway challenge, which includes some unselfish play to set up Lil' Burns for a goal. But if you're American (odds seem pretty good) you might have missed this minute long video on SportsNet that shows some of Little Pavelski's warmup routine.

The day didn't start out so great for Little Pavelski, as he took a hard collision with the post. As someone who has run into stuff on a daily basis his entire life, I can empathize with Little Pavelski's pain here. But in true hockey player fashion, Little Pavelski made his way back on to the ice and scored on Devan Dubnyk on a wraparound. I know, I know, we'll take Little Pavelski seriously when he scores on a real NHL goalie.

So when are the Sharks drafting him anyway?