Off the Post - November 19

  • Highly recommended - a night in the life of a Coyotes season ticket holder.
  • Counterfeit jerseys, and how to spot them.
  • Mandatory reading = Gary Bettman's latest interview.
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  • Lurker and I crash the Drum Circle Jerk in the Scottrade Center... from left, CrossCheckRaise, DanGNR, yours truly, Dooks, The Goalie Guy, Ralph (?), and Lurker Shark. No Fear of the Fin? BWAHAHA...
  • Can you name all the SBN hockey blogs? (no fair cheating)
  • Captain Canada is out a month, although Sergeant Scuderi won't be so long.
  • The Blackhawks are about to sign a trio of young talent, and are going to pay for it dearly... hopefully metaphorically.
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    (thanks to mymclife's Fools and Sages)
  • Down Goes Brown's awesome top secret flowchart of NHL suspension protocol.
  • Die by the Blade's Ten Rookies Who Have Impressed... Jason Demers only gets an honorable mention.
  • Ten types of Toronto Maple Leafs fans... LOL at how to deal with the Bandwagon Jumper.
  • Rob Blake in the new Sharks commercial...