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One Good Thing: Finn

Welcome to One Good Thing, a weekly feature where we take stock of the last week in San Jose Sharks hockey and find something that just lifts our spirits. Whether it’s a performance on-ice, or a player’s Instagram post, we’re here to talk about the reasons we love this team. Winning or losing, let’s take the time to bask in these small moments.

This week was a tough week for the Sharks. A brutal road trip earned the team just one of a possible eight points while looking outmatched in most games. The majority of the coaching staff was let go in response, but new bench boss Bob Boughner saw a loss to the New York Rangers in his first outing.

Things look pretty bad for the Sharks right now, but that is not why we are here. We are here for the good times, so let’s dig deep. [Furiously checks notes] This is going to be tough — like scraping the bottom of the barrel tough. So let’s go with something that cheers everyone up: dogs!

If you weren’t aware, the Sharks adopted a dog this summer. Finn is a service dog who is being trained with the Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) program. He will eventually assist someone with special needs and help to make their lives better. This has become a very popular trend for NHL teams to sponsor dogs and have them appear at games and practices, helping local programs with these initiatives.

Finn was born in May of this year and has been a part of the Sharks organization since June. He has been at practices and attended games this season.

I’m doing this very in depth and hard hitting journalism for you people. You need pictures of dogs to cheer you up after a terrible road trip. You really want to see pictures of dogs now, don’t you? Alright, here are some of the best ones of him. Enjoy!

Feel better? It was a tough week for the Sharks, but guess what, it’s over. That terrible Nashville Predators game can’t hurt you anymore. There will be better days, we promise, and if you need a pick me up, go check out Finn’s twitter page and you’ll feel better.

If you would like to help out the Canine Companions for Independence, you can check out their website.

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