[Open Thread] Sharks Gameday: Hmmm, yeah. Time to get back to this "Hawk-eee" stuff.



5:30 PST
27-4-3, 57 points 13-18-3, 29 points
1st in Pacific Division They're pretty bad
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St. Louis Game Time

It feels like the Sharks haven't played in three weeks. I am not on my game. Dustin (aka Mr. K) is sidelined with the flu and may not be doing a game recap.

All in all, shit's hitting the fan. But at least it smells nicer than your grandmother's house*.

* Ill-advised joke, dude.

So what do you do when that extra cup of hard apple cider looks more appealing than your keyboard? Throw out a little table filled with numbers. Let them do the talking.

This is what the Sharks have done their first game after the 25th of December the last four years:

Year Opp. Dec. PP PK Shot Dif. PIM
07-08 LAK W, 3-2 0% 60% 0 24
06-07 ANA L, 3-4 16.6% 100% -9 13
05-06 LAK L, 3-4 40% 66.6% -5 23
03-04 LAK W, 5-0 25% 100% +1 29

Have fun with that useless information folks. Oh, and expect a lot of penalty minutes?

Prediction: Sharks win 4-3. Goals by Michalek (is he even playing), Roenick (he sure isn't), Mitchell (strike two) and Mark Bell (this post is pathetic).

Go Sharks.