San Jose drops sixth straight in blowout to Edmonton; Phoenix rockets into first

At this point, these losses have begun to lose their sting. I have become comfortably numb.

No more excuses.

The gooning up at the end of the game did little to alleviate any negative feeling towards the team's lack of performance throughout the first fifty nine minutes of play. It was akin to a toddler throwing a tantrum after pooping on the living room floor.

This team is in a complete freefall right now. Frankly, it's a fascinating sight to see. To go into Edmonton, who is in the midst of having one of the worst NHL seasons since the lockout, and be utterly outplayed from beginning to end arguably requires more effort than it takes to get a win.

It is an epic fall from grace. Poetry in motion. Beautiful, in some ways.

Phoenix now remains at the top of the Pacific Division and it's hard to really feel any animosity towards the club at this point. If any team is to win the division besides San Jose, the Coyotes are the most deserving. It's a great story considering all that they went through in the offseason, and if San Jose is unable to manufacture something vaguely resembling a decent performance considering all that has happened since the Olympic Break, then I'm just not sure you can make the case that this isn't where things are supposed to be.

More tomorrow on individual players, as if that means anything. The poison that is coursing through the veins of San Jose has found it's way into the collective bloodstream.

An entity that has begun to wither from head to toe.

Go Sharks.