Who is playing for Sharks’ fantasy football championship?

Brenden Dillon is going for the three-peat today.

“Back-to-back championships,” Dillon crowed about his dominance of the San Jose Sharks’ locker room fantasy football league. “Going for the turkey here.”

Standing between Dillon and his place with Guy Lafleur’s Canadiens, Derek Jeter’s Yankees, Michael Jordan’s Bulls is Evander Kane.

“He’s got Michael Thomas,” said Dillon. “Drew Brees throws to him, which is not to my liking. Russell Wilson at QB.”

Dillon’s squad stars Christian McCaffrey and the Chicago Bears defense. But like any passionate fantasy player, he was happiest to brag about crafty waiver wire pick-ups, Nick Chubb and Derrick Henry. Fantasy football championships are won on the waiver wire, after all.

The Sharks compete in a 12-team fantasy football league.

Logan Couture is the commissioner, while Joe Thornton, Joe Pavelski and Aaron Dell are among the current Sharks participating. Former Sharks Chris Tierney and Joel Ward are also in the league.

“Couture is really good. He knows a lot about football,” said Dillon. “I’m kind of the lone defenseman representing.”

According to Dillon, the grand prize is “a little money.” There’s also rewards “for most points scored for a week, division leaders.”

He added, “If you had a player who was inactive or injured on your starting roster, you got a fine. Pavs had one of those. You gotta pay attention to those things.”

Meanwhile, Dell revealed the best SFW team name in the league is the Striking Cobras. So you can imagine what some of the other team names are.

But whether Dillon gets to take a chomp out of the big turkey leg or not after Week 16, he’s proud of the obstacles that he’s overcome in getting this far.

“Keeper league as of this year. I drafted Le’Veon Bell with the second-overall pick,” grimaced Dillon. “He’s the starting guy on my bench right now.”

On the other side of fantasy glory is Dell, who’s missing the playoffs for his second straight season.

“I’m always there, but I can never seem to pull off the wins,” he complained of his 5-8 team. “Last year was my first year playing.”

However, he has a sure-fire strategy for busting his way out of the cellar next year.

“I might have to do a little research. I usually just wing it.”

He should also have his fantasy football app figured out by then.

“I was trying to figure out my app on my phone when we were just about to start the draft,” laughed Dell. “So my first pick was Kareem Hunt, but it was auto-drafted.”

When Dell was able to get the technological side of the equation down, he selected Devonta Freeman, who suited up for just two contests before groin surgery ended his campaign.

As struggling goalies hope for regression to the mean, hopefully a little luck (and a little research) gets Dell into the post-season dance next year.

But anyway, it’s all in good fun, win, lose or auto-draft.

“It’s something nice, gets a little camaraderie going,” said Dillon.