Sharks training camp roster released

Timo Meier among the Sharks named to the roster

I had my first PSL the other day and it's still about a billion degrees outside in the crappier part of Southern California, which means...wait, let me check my calendar...okay it is in fact September. So hockey will be back soon! Very soon, even.

The Sharks confirmed as much by releasing their training camp roster and schedule. The squad will be broken up into A & B teams which will shuffle around regularly and have different schedules.

In addition, San Jose will play a pair of Futures games against the Anaheim Ducks on Sept. 12-13. You can find the roster for that here. Saturday's game will be played at 5 p.m. at SAP Center, while the game on Sunday will be held at Sharks Ice at 2 p.m.

For more games that don't count, you can head to Sharks Ice on Sept. 20 to see a scrimmage between Team A and Team B. Seats will be available to the first 250 fans in attendance, so...plan accordingly for that.

Not a lot jumped off the roster during a cursory glance, except apparently we have Canada's shitty President, or whatever they're calling him these days, on our hockey team. And you thought John Scott was bad...