Sharks and Fans try to wipe away the Blues with new rally towel

It's a joke about the multiple uses of a towel!

As the Sharks try to close out the series tonight, fans in attendance at the SAP Center will get a little treat in the form of a rally towel. A lot of reporters want to point out the suffering of the Sharks players but it is really easy to forget how much the fans have suffered with them along the way. This towel, while not much, could be a piece of memorabilia that will be forever associated with the Sharks making the Stanley Cup final (fingers crossed). Something to cherish or something to send to me in the form of a present.

Take a look at the towel in all of its glory.

While the Blues are an enjoyable type of music, I think for tonight and tonight only, it is okay to silence the Blues across the board. I do worry about the shark on the towel eating a saxophone, much like I worry about a shark eating a hockey stick on the jersey but I digress.

The Sharks time is now. Are you ready for them to seize the moment?