Sharks Gameday: Dear Brian Boucher



7:30 PST
12-23-4, 28 points 28-4-5, 61 points
5th in Atlantic Division 1st in Pacific Division
98.5 KFOX,
Lighthouse Hockey

Dear Brian Boucher,

Last year I saw my life flash before my eyes. When Nabby went down against the Islanders after being hit in the face with a puck, I thought the Sharks season was kaput. The road trip was horrible, we were wading in the middle of the pack in regards to the playoff hunt, and I had just learned that dealing with losses by hurtling water balloons filled with urine at random passerby was grounds for arrest.

It was the worst of times.

But then you came around and changed all that. Sure, everyone thinks that Brian Campbell was the reason for the Sharks turnaround last year. But isn't it funny that you showed up on the same day? We didn't have a capable backup until you came along- Thomas Greiss' glove hand was as slippery as grease. Did you like that homophone? I made it just for you.

I was there when you won the division title in Anaheim last year. You looked so good on the ice; challenging shooters when you needed to, but not making the mistake of getting out of position. A perfect blend of brash confidence and humble servitude. This year you've continued where you left off- dealing out shutouts like they were your birthright, putting up numbers that once had you amongst the top of the NHL goaltending leaders. You kick more ass than Samuel L. Jackson- just be sure not to tell him I said that.

I guess the reason I'm writing to you is because I'm no longer concerned about the Sharks goaltending situation. Last year, the season could have been over if Nabokov went down against the Islanders. Now I know that we have a more than capable backup if he ever needs a day of rest.


Jason Plank

ps I'm thinking you guys win 3-1 tonight while you get all the goals. That would make me really happy. I'm counting on you mister!

Go Sharks.