Sharks Gameday: Direct Your Attention To The Fanpost Section



7:30 PST
30-27-5, 65 points
42-11-9, 93 points
4th in Northwest Division 1st in Pacific Division
98.5 KFOX,
Hockey Wilderness

Shorter than Martin St. Louis, this post is.

From the always informative David Pollak:

Sharks are now saying that Evgeni Nabokov "tweaked something" this week and won’t be playing tonight. How long he might be out is unknown at the point.....

.....A quick reminder: Neither Travis Moen (his wife just had a baby) or Kent Huskins (still needs to be cleared to play after foot surgery) will be in the lineup tonight against Minnesota. Both Moen and Huskins will be at HP Pavilion tonight, however, and could be playing Saturday in Vancouver.


In other news, Jamie McGinn has also been called up. Whether or not he plays tonight remains to be seen.

Jump city for three items of note.

1) We touched upon what yesterday's deadline means for the Sharks going forward, so be sure to check that out before tonight's game. My basic point was not to paint a dire picture of the future (although it is fairly troubling), but just show what most of us have known all year- this season is the Sharks best chance to win the Cup.

Do it.

2) I was contacted by Brian Kamenetzky of ESPN The Magazine to help provide him with information concerning their Ultimate Standings. All the information can be found here. It's about time we bust out the ol' collective thinking hat.

3) The Sharks haven't played all that well lately, but I'm going to reserve judgement until tonight's game and see how they bounce back. In Montreal they played brilliant despite the loss, and Tuesday night was atrocious (although Turco did play well). A possible first round matchup will look to establish some footing in HP Pavilion, but here's the facts Jack- San Jose may be banged up a bit in terms of depth, but anytime Owen Nolan leads your team in goals scored it's an issue.

Prediction: Sharks win 3-1. Goals by Gooch, Blake, and Thornton. Owen Nolan pots one to balloon his massive team-leading goal total to 18.

Go Sharks.