Sharks Gameday: Doug Wilson Signs A Declaration of War



7:30 PST
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Cut it any way you like, but DW's latest move is purely a move to make teams fear the San Jose Sharks. Hell, I'm sort of afraid to root for them right now.

Weather or not you saw Claude's call up coming (I didn't), think he's going to stick around (questionable considering JR, Mitchell, Staubitz etc. will be returning after the break), or think he has what it takes to survive in the NHL after being out of the league for five years, the man who was once labeled "The most hated man in hockey" is here for psychological purposes.

I mean, shit, take a look at this.

To put it lightly, Doug Wilson has put the league on notice that no matter the murky past of a player, he is welcome in San Jose if he gives the team an opportunity to win. So with bated breath we will sit down tonight and observe a fourth line of Shelley, Plihal and Lemieux grind in the corners tonight, and attempt to cause a little ruckus raise some hell. Talent-wise, his inclusion into the roster probably will bring little change if any. But mentally, it's a volatile card DW has played.

Weather or not Lemieux will be effective remains to be seen, but damn it will be some good theater.

Prediction: Sharks win 3-1. Goals by Patty, Big Joe, and Vlasic.

Go Sharks.