Sharks Gameday: Lighthouse Lead



4:30 PST
12-9-4, 28 points 17-4-3, 37 points
12th in Western Conference
1st in Western Conference
TSN2, Versus
98.5 KFOX,
Winging it in Motown
Abel to Yzerman

The avalanche averted, you rose like a phoenix from the ashes of May

From maligned to maligned, if only for a brief time, you led the demons astray

A red light so divine! The crowd oh how they sighed! It was a needle that wove through the Bay

But try as you might, even as we temporarily bask in that light, what occurred then does not matter today

For when the calloused hands of history became briefly unraveled, on a road usually untraveled

It became a memory that was slowly swept under the sea

And as all memories are fleeting, what with waves on the bow a-beating

We crash into the home of serpents where an unrelenting sun burns to a third degree

The mastery of Datsyuk! Like a magician he wields his blade!

The iron fist of Babcock! How his strategic maneuvers inspire the stormtrooper brigade!

The impenetrable Osgood! On second thought, not such a formidable foe!

But Zetterberg and Lidstrom, boy I don't miss em! These are the names we've grown to loathe at The Joe!

Like sirens they hum the sweetest melody sung, a temptress with a swift and angelic tongue

Be quick to deny, or else you will lie, on a battlefield with the ghosts among

For tonight the tar will blanket the stars, as locusts scream overhead

A twisted bazaar, Pandora's box ajar, move quickly without skates of lead

And yet despite all the prophecies of learning to embrace a rapid demise

Tonight I can see the stars beginning to illuminate the serenity of nigh

Without hope we are husks of the men and women we strive to be

Without faith we are all whispers in a distant dream

Lighthouse lead

Lighthouse lead us again to a new memory.