Should the Sharks have a training camp during the 24-team playoff?

The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun says the league and NHLPA are discussing the possibility.

We know the San Jose Sharks’ season is over, but that doesn’t mean the team won’t be back on the ice together until next year.

The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun reports the NHL and NHLPA are discussing the possibility of allowing the seven teams who aren’t participating in the 24-team playoff to hold a training camp:

“To that end, some of those seven teams, sources confirm, have already begun talking internally about what an NHL camp might look like at some point later in the summer or early fall. You get the logic. These players might need that in the middle of a 10-month hiatus.”

This makes sense for the seven teams due to the advantage the 24 clubs would have by being able to practice and play games. If the NHL doesn’t start the season until January, the Sharks would have not even held a team skate for close to nine full months, if 2020-21 training camps are held in December.

Another possibility being discussed is allowing players to hold their own informal workouts, rather than with their individual teams. New Jersey Devils’ goaltender Cory Schneider told LeBrun that he would prefer being back on the ice before next season’s training camp.

LeBrun adds that the timing for when the seven eliminated teams is also another factor, with some wanting to have practices during the playoffs, while others have said they want to wait until September.

Do you think the Sharks should hold a training camp? Or allow the players to hold informal workouts and wait until next season?

*Our apologies for posting an incorrect article yesterday. San Jose’s 2020 first-round pick belongs to the Ottawa Senators. The Sharks hold the Tampa Bay Lightning’s first rounder, which will not be in the lottery.

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