The Lesser of Two Evils... Anaheim @ Detroit

In Fear the Fin's inaugural edition of The Lesser of Two Evils, we ask you, dear Sharks fan, to evaluate your own core values, your own gut instinct, and your own hierarchy of evil. Tonight at the Joe Louis Arena, the Detroit Red Wings host the Anaheim Ducks (4:30pm PST). Needless to say, the matchup features the last two teams to hoist Lord Stanley's Mug... and arguably the Sharks' two biggest rivals (thanks for making our rivalry less invigorating, Turco).

The time has come, Sharks fan - you must choose the team you want to win. Would you rather see the Ducks win, or the Red Wings? What do you base your criteria on? Don't be shy - there are valid reasons for either selection. Of course, your preference tonight could easily change later in the season - and that's an honorable strategy. About the ONLY thing Sharks fans can agree on is that we don't want tonight's game to go past 60 minutes...

Mr. K.'s own breakdown follows the jump.

UPDATE = Detroit wins, 2-1 in regulation... at least it's not a 3-pointer...

Why You Should Root for the Anaheim Ducks

  • The Ducks are 10 points behind San Jose, and have played one more game.  A win tonight only technically narrows a pretty wide gap.
  • The second place Red Wings have only won 3 points in their last 4 games... another loss helps them continue to slide.
  • A high-scoring game for the Ducks would mean further goaltending woes for Detroit (3.19 GAA for Chris Osgood... .878 SV%... Turco's going to have company if Ozzie doesn't pull it together).
  • Detroit is second in the Western Conference, with 34 points in 23 games.  No need to have them edge closer to San Jose's #1 spot./

Why You Should Root for the Detroit Red Wings

  • It's Anaheim - how could you root for them?
  • No, seriously - never root for a divisional rival, if possible.  It's a matter of principle.
  • The Anaheim Ducks have earned 9 points in their last 5 games... they just simply need to lose one.  Can't have Getzlaf feeling all invincible now, can we?
  • Conditional reason = If Giguere is in net, a Red Wings victory will further stir up goaltending controversy.  /

Don't be shy - pontificate away, Sharks fans!